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  • I would highly recommend people to use this nursery, my little boy has come on leaps in the months he has been here.

    Review relates to July 2015.

    Vicky E Mother of Child
  • I would recommend this nursery to friends and family.

    Review relates to July 2015.

    Shaughna C Mother of Child
  • My son has settled in really well within the nursery, and has made some strong bonds.

    Review relates to July 2015.

    Zoe W Mother of Child
  • My children really enjoy this nursery and have learnt loads. Staff are very friendly and welcoming.

    Review relates to July 2015.

    Amy H Mother of Child
  • My children really enjoy attending this nursery, would recommend.

    Review relates to July 2015.

    D Dawson Father of Child
  • I would recommend this nursery as it's an excellent nursery and the staff are lovely. My daughter has come a long way in her development and this is due to the nursery.

    Review relates to July 2015.

    Joanne A Mother of Child
  • Our grandson likes his sister before him, enjoys his time in nursery. All the staff make us welcome when we go to pick him up! Every aspect of the day is covered.

    Christine N Grandmother of Child
  • I cannot praise this nursery and the staff enough, by far the best nursery I am aware of in the area and I am sure further afield too. My two boys attend the nursery, my eldest is 3 years old and my youngest was 7 months old when he started. I was extremely apprehensive about leaving them both to go back to work and I can honestly say the staff here have made that transition for me and my children a lot easier. The nursery is split into three age groups, my boys fall with one in the Baby room and one in the eldest room. However they still get every opportunity to interact and see each other throughout the day. This alone is why I would give the nursery 10/10 as it allows my children to bond and interact throughout the day despite being in two different classes within the nursery. When you have children as close as mine this is a necessity and the staff enforce it brilliantly, whilst still enabling them to play alone within their own age groups with other children too. Fantastic! The staff are amazing, what I love about the nursery is it's all hands on deck. Andrea the manager is brilliant and is always within the nursery and children getting involved. There is no management shut behind an office door in this nursery, everyone is there to ensure your children are having the best time possible. Andrea has always gone out of her way to accommodate any last minute change of plans or requirements I've had for the children and for this I am extremely grateful. I also cannot praise the nursery staff themselves enough. Everyone in there is absolutely fantastic with the children and again staff from other classes or age groups all work together to make the children feel welcome, and settle within the nursery. Special thanks to both Emma and Siobhan as Daniel and Bobby's key workers respectively. They are both amazing with my children and I know that once I've dropped them off for the day they are going to be looked after by the best there is. To be honest this can also be said about the rest of the staff too, they are all fantastic and deserve tremendous praise for the jobs they do with our children. The nursery helps the children to grow and learn and play with a good balance between the learning and having fun. Another huge plus point for the nursery is their interaction with the parents throughout what they call an Eylog. It's email based, and now an App is available to download too. Constant updates and pictures of my children throughout their days at nursery sent direct to my phone - what more can you ask for! There is nothing better than getting these when I am in work thinking about how my children are getting on. You can also upload your own home photos / videos and updates of your children to share them growing and learning too. Brilliant idea! It's also extremely useful for updates from the nursery themselves. The nursery is fantastically equipped with play areas, learning areas and the outdoor area is fantastic too. They also have a sensory room for the children to use within the centre. Always clean and tidy when I pick up or drop off my children. They provide nutritious meals and snacks for the children throughout the day and I know my two enjoy their food here more than at home! Fantastic value for the money you pay as you know your children are getting everything they would at home, if not more if I'm honest! If you are looking for a nursery within the area I can honestly say you wont get better than here. My boys have been here for nearly 5 months now, and absolutely love it. They will continue to stay here until they go to school I wouldn't have them anywhere else, once again a huge thank you to all at Little Achievers from me and my husband for the amazing job you do with our children on a daily basis. Ten out of Ten!

    Review relates to June 2015.

    How likely would you be to recommend Little Achievers Nursery in the Park? Extremely likely

    Christina Mother of Child
  • This is an excellent nursery, both my son and daughter attended and they both love it. All the staff are friendly and welcoming and are very accommodate my child's needs. My daughter's development and confidence shines whilst attending nursery.

    How likely would you be to recommend Little Achievers Nursery in the Park? Extremely likely

    Layla D Mother of Child
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Welcome to Little Achievers

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In their first five years, children grow and develop faster than any other time in their lives. With quality care, play and education, a child will have a strong foundation for their development.

Little Achievers Nurseries provide full daycare for children with ages ranging from 3 months to 5 years.

At Little Achievers Nurseries we ensure that your children have an excellent start to life by offering them a high quality service and providing a wide range of experiences. We provide both a nurtering and stimulating environment where your children can explore imagine, create and learn.

bugsBy keeping abreast of current childcare and educational issues, we are able to constantly monitor and evaluate our educational programme.

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