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  • My oldest son attended Little Achievers Nursery my youngest son has been attending for the last few years. I would recommend this nursery to all my friends and family because they are very kind flexible and the staff are kind, caring and attentive. my sons development has really grown while he has been here.

    Natalie B Mother of Child
  • Little Achievers in the Park is a excellent Nursery. My little girl has been going since 10 months old. She loves going to Nursery and has some much fun whilst she's there. She is excelling in all aspects and I am delighted with her process on a weekly basis. The staff are so friendly and approachable no matter what time of day it is. I would thoroughly recommend Little Achievers in the Park. I go to work knowing my little girl is in very safe hands and be cared for to a high standard. Thank you to all the staff.

    Review relates to January 2015.

    How likely would you be to recommend Little Achievers Nursery in the Park? Likely

    Vicky b Mother of Child
  • Rural location lots of outdoor activities family friendly setting. The children look forward to going. The children always come home dirty which proves they aren't sitting around and Lisa is great in more ways than one.

    Alf M Father of Child
  • From the moment I visited the nursery I felt comfortable and welcomed by the pre-school staff, on the first greeting Damon played with my child and I loved that, they answered all my questions and the staff are very helpful. I felt confident in leaving my child with them due to their reassurance. I love the fact pre-school children are away from the infants. I like how different activities take place as well as swimming. I hope the nursery/school develops within the years to become even better, its a happy environment. Thanks Damon & Robin!

    Tasneem D Father of Child
  • I would highly recommend this nursery as all of my children have been here and love it. The staff are fantastic and very cheerful and helpful all the time.

    Stephanie Genther Mother of Child
  • Since Jaxal stated nursery the difference in him is amazing, he is very advanced and clever for his age and I believe this is due to the nursery I would highly recommend this nursery.

    Jennie O Mother of Child
  • Qualified staff, always helpful. My opinion my daughter receives qualified and professional care from the staff. I would definitely recommend this nursery to other families. Thank you

    Tatjana R Mother of Child
  • Overall excellent nursery, my son is very happy there, he has learnt many new skills. Staff are all very friendly and helpful, the whole place is very well managed, maintained and organised, my son always looks forward to going to nursery and thinks of it as his second home. I wouldn't change anything about it!

    Review relates to January 2015.

    How likely would you be to recommend Little Achievers Nursery in the Park? Extremely likely

    Anthony Oakley Father of Child
  • Both my children have attended this nursery since they were 9 months old (now 4yrs and 16months) my eldest has thrived in this friendly but educational environment developing life skills and preparing him for school, he has a very inquisitive mind and the staff have only encouraged his enthusiasm to learn. My youngest was a needy baby and the staff have been very supportive, understanding and encouraging towards both me and my child helping him to develop his independence and encouraging him through each developmental stage. He is a very different little personality now and it's reassuring as a parent of a needy baby to see them relate and be comforted and supported by caring, compassionate staff members. Then to see them developing their social skills and being comfortable in this environment is heart warming. Thanks girls you do a great job.

    Review relates to January 2015.

    How likely would you be to recommend Little Achievers Nursery in the Park? Extremely likely

    Gill Williams Mother of Child
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Welcome to Little Achievers

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In their first five years, children grow and develop faster than any other time in their lives. With quality care, play and education, a child will have a strong foundation for their development.

Little Achievers Nurseries provide full daycare for children with ages ranging from 3 months to 5 years.

At Little Achievers Nurseries we ensure that your children have an excellent start to life by offering them a high quality service and providing a wide range of experiences. We provide both a nurtering and stimulating environment where your children can explore imagine, create and learn.

bugsBy keeping abreast of current childcare and educational issues, we are able to constantly monitor and evaluate our educational programme.

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