Whats been happening at Little Achievers Nurseries?

We have been super busy recently!

Part of being a Reggio inspired setting is constantly adapting and changing your environment and this is what all of our Nurseries do regularly in line with our children and their interests and development.
As well as that we are still implementing the Reggio Emilia Approach throughout our settings and each one is different and unique!

Little Achievers Day Nursery
We have been busy throughout the last few months implementing changes to the Owls and Bluebells room. Making these curious and exciting for the children. We have also developed the outdoor unit into a Laboratory for the Owls children to explore and create.

Little Achievers Urban Forest School
We have lots of exciting things planned as we begin to develop the Bluebells room and an outdoor shed into something a little extra special! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this.

Little Achievers Forest School Nursery
The outdoor area has had a re-vamp and looks so inviting and challenging. We have also added a sand shed for the children to investigate.

Little Achievers Nursery in the Park
The environment is constantly changing and developing here and a new fairy garden has been developed outside.

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The Third Teacher at Little Achievers

One of the key roles of the Reggio Emilia approach is the third teacher. This is not an actual teacher, as in a person but instead the environment in the setting.

Children thrive in an environment that is well suited to their interests and stages of development. It should be welcoming, pleasing to the eye, represent the communities cultures and beliefs, embrace nature and be filled with purposeful resources.
It is important that the environment is not over stimulating to children’s senses.
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National Story Telling Week at Little Achievers Nurseries

This week all our nurseries are celebrating National Story Telling Week.
Each nursery have their own activities taking place to support this.

In every nursery we are surrounded by books in all areas, and also provide cosy, quiet spaces and time to read to our children. In the home, bed time stories are just as important, as well as general reading at a quiet time of the day.
But storytelling is not just getting a book and reading the words! It involves adapting to the characters and making the story ‘come to life’, or making up a story using props for prompts.
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