Why Celebrate?

At Little Achievers Nurseries we celebrate a variety of festivals and celebrations.

But why?

Its a time of year that is busy for festivals including Halloween, Bonfire Night, Divali and not to forget Christmas!
All these are celebrated in our nurseries with lots more throughout the year.
Attending Little Achievers are families from a variety of beliefs and cultures. Its important to embrace these and teach children about them. Learning that everyone is different is an important aspect of life and this begins from early on. The understanding that not only do people look different, but they believe in different things, and celebrate different celebrations. By experiencing these in our nurseries, we develop understanding and accepting children of each other and the community they are in. They become children who are valued and supported, leading to confident learners.

A celebration is described as ‘ a special social event, such as a party, when you celebrate something’
‘Special’ to me, describes how children should feel when they come to Little Achievers Nurseries. Because what they believe, and what their families believe, is special to them. They are confident to share their beliefs because we accept everyone.
Most recently we have been celebrating Halloween. Although the background of Halloween can lead us to stories about witches or the dead, we encourage children to look at it as a fun event, that everyone is allowed to take part in if they choose to. Children can think of the things they may do at home, for example trick or treating or party’s, and for those who don’t celebrate it is an opportunity to learn about it and understand what it is? This creates an environment of mutual respect and understanding.

Remember – Every Child is Special and Unique

Ready, Steady, Listen

This week at Little Achievers the children are taking part in Ready, Steady, Listen. This is in partnership with Usborne Books.

The aim is to allow children to develop a passion of reading and listening for pleasure.

So this week the children will be sponsored to listen for an amount of time per day with their parent, an adult or older child. Usborne books will then offer up to 60% of the money raised in free books to our nurseries.

What is listening?
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