The importance of light!

So this week has been a busy one, developing one of our Pre-School rooms into the Reggio Emilia Approach! The room in question was at Little Achievers @ Ribbleton Children’s Centre.

When developing our rooms or areas, we always think of the children first. Put ourselves in the mind of the child and ask what can they learn, what are their interests, what do they enjoy exploring, what excites them???? It is through asking these questions that we can begin to create an environment that is suited to the individual needs of the children in each of our settings. So if you visited each of our settings you would notice that none are the same!

Throughout the week I have worked closely with the nursery team in the development and have already seen the impact of this. As any child would want to explore they found themselves sneaking in to have a peak and the comments of one child were “oh wow!” followed by lots of touching, staring and awe. If this doesn’t mean we are doing something right, then I don’t know what would. Seeing the look on the children’s faces and the way they explore, behave and the curiosity they show makes it all worth while and reminds us why we do this amazingly important job!
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This week at Little Achievers Nurseries we have welcomed Olivia, our Atelierista!

So what is an atelierista?
A teacher with an arts background.
When we think about arts, it is always the product that we think of, what picture or model is the end result. However, the process is much more important. We must start to think about what happened before, during and what processes the children went through and learned from.
“Creativity seems to emerge from multiple experiences, coupled with a well-supported development of personal resources, including a sense of freedom to venture beyond the known.”
-Loris Malaguzzi

With Olivia in place, our nurseries can offer opportunities to encounter different materials, expressive languages, different points of view, working actively with hands, minds and emotions allowing each child to express their creativity in their own way.

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In The Moment Planning

All our nurseries now carry out in the moment planning. This has become more and more popular in Early Years. Deciding to change planning is always a big decision, having staff to understand it, carry it out and also to have parents on board, to ensure their child is progressing and developing at a good level.
There are a variety of ways to document this, but the main idea is, that we plan, there and then for the children. There is no waiting, no planning next week, no time spent away from children completing sheets of enhancements for the room and activities. Instead, all the time is spent with the children, and most importantly, the children lead!
Practitioners are able to observe their key children throughout the day, and provide further learning for them in that moment! A practitioner will know their key children inside and out, their likes, interests, things that fascinate and wow them, and through this, can add resources, questions and provocations which the child can explore, to help them move on to their next step. By acting there and then, the child is fully engaged and involved, making them prime for learning!
A fabulous example of this has recently been on our Facebook page, from Little Achievers Day Nursery:
The children were wowed by a gigantic marrow growing in their nursery garden.
They looked at the marrow and were asked ‘what would they like to do with it?’
One of the children responded ‘make a cake’
After researching a recipe the children then made a Marrow Cake to share with their friends, and even the Managing Director, Sharon, was invited along to taste it!

Click the link for the recipe in case you wanted to try it at home: Marrow Cake Recipe


Our New Parent App!

We are excited to let you know that we have a new nursery App!
The App provides instant access to events, newsletters, consent forms, reporting your child’s absence and more.
We will also be able to message parents through this service, enabling us to keep these strong bonds with parents in all our settings.
Parental partnership is very important at Little Achievers Nurseries!
-It helps to build positive relationships
-Promotes effective communication
-Ensures continuity of care
-Eases the transition process for both the child and their family

Your child’s setting will be sending letters out very soon giving you instructions on how to download the app, including a username and password unique to your nursery.

To get ahead of the game, follow the link below and scroll down the page to download the all new Parent App!
Rosy Apple Childcare

Our first blog…..

Hello and welcome to the new Rosy Apple blog.
Within this space, we will keep you informed and up to date with events, fun activities and latest news related to Nursery Life at Little Achievers and Rosy Apple Childcare.

The start of our academic year has seen us welcome lots of new and existing children to our Little Achievers Nurseries and we have been busy getting to know them so we can help them to blossom!

Keep your eyes peeled for frequent updates and news, and don’t forget to check our gallery for photos from all our settings and our Facebook page