Curiosity Approach Accreditation @ Little Achievers Nurseries

So, you may have seen some new posters and logos around our nurseries and social media recently. That’s because we are now officially working towards achieving The Curiosity Approach Accreditation at all of our settings. It’s so exciting!

We have posters with QR codes for you to scan to find our more about them in our nurseries but i can also give you a little bit of information.

As a group of nurseries a few years ago we decided to embark on change! That was to follow the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Years.
Gradually over a couple of years we developed each of the rooms in the nurseries to create a completely different learning experience. An experience that focused more on the child, and their natural curiosity, which in turn develops their learning.
We put the child at the centre of everything we do and plan and create our environments around them!

As time has gone on we have learned more about so many different approaches that feed into each other and because we want to provide the best early years experience for your children, we felt it was right to take aspects from different approaches that fit, and incorporate them into our settings. Its not a case of one shoe fits, but instead taking lots of different bits and tying them together to create the best for your children in our care.

Naturally our next step in our development would be to look towards the Curiosity Approach and when seeing their accreditation we knew we wanted to do it. Now is the time!

The Curiosity Approach take aspects from a number of approaches to provide curiosity, awe and wonder for children. It will help us to:
Review and Reflect on our provision
Improve inquisitive moments for children
Create a quality teaching environment
Create beautiful play spaces
Understand the benefit of open ended, natural and recyclable materials

This will then have a huge impact on the care, learning and development of the children in our care.

Early Years are so important to give children the best possible start in life.

Process over Product!

Recently i have been thinking about the times when we make pictures or cards for children to send home to their parents, or when i notice display boards full of pictures that all look similar and think to myself, there is no way children can do that without a lot of adult support. In fact, what do children actually learn from these products when the adult is taking over and leading? W need to focus on the process rather than the product.

At Little Achievers nurseries we provide child led learning. This doesn’t mean that the practitioners leave children to it and just watch over them. It means we let the child lead where their learning will be taken. It means we follow the children and support their learning in their chosen direction. Yes practitioners can intervene at times and provide new provocations for the child, but these are based on the child’s initial interest in a subject. The child can then learn from the provocation provided and new experiences and skills will be learned.

Thinking on from this, would a child choose to do a piece of artwork led by a practitioner and controlled by a practitioner…….probably not, even thought we do have some children who would love to, and that is fine because they have chosen it, but it doesn’t mean they are necessarily learning from it.

We need to look at it from a child’s view and remember that children are more interested in the doing, rather than the end result. The process, and not the product. And this doesn’t just apply to art work, but the process of learning in general through all areas and activities.

We allow children to choose what they want to create, we provide materials for children to use freely and if a child wants to make a card, they can, and instead of practitioner lead it is the child’s own creative piece of work lovingly made by them.

We let the children create what they want and choose, let them have freedom of expression!

Below is an example of the freedom we give children to learn and explore at Little Achievers.
The before picture is a beautiful set up created by our team for children to explore.
The after is what is left when children have finished. The in between is the most important because the children have used their imagination and developed mathematical skills, problem solving, social skills, sharing and language, as well as bringing in their own resources from different areas to enhance.

Welcome to 2021 at Little Achievers Nurseries

Hello and Welcome to 2021!

This year has started off with Lockdown pt 3 but we continue as normal. We have practices in place to keep our environments, families and staff as safe as possible.

In early years we are constantly developing, reviewing and auditing to ensure we provide the best!
Covid will not stop us and at the end of last year we managed to develop our Bluebells room and Sunbeams room at Little Achievers Forest School Nursery.

Looking back at last year, it was definitely a challenging one for all!
We are proud to say we continued to provide childcare throughout the pandemic!

Being unable to do all the activities we love so much with our children makes things difficult. We want to keep things as normal as we can for children and continue to help them develop their learning. Personal, Social, Emotional skills are so important at this time to help children to understand their feelings.
We can support these by:
-Reading stories to children promoting discussions
-Getting outside each day for walks, bike rides etc
-Role playing with children
-Creative play where children can draw,paint,act,sing how they are feeling.

Remember – we will come out of this, and we will be stronger