Speech and Language at Little Achievers

Since the Covid pandemic, speech and language development in Early Years has hit a low. Isolation from people, parents juggling working from home and having children at home meant interactions were limited and without the role modelling of speech, children will struggle to develop.

So what are we doing about it?

We have recognised this need to support speech and language development, and so have practices in place to support it.
Resources in our settings are language rich, with items such as book boxes, book bags, story boxes and libraries to promote communication and language through curiosity.
Natural, curious items in our settings provide the starting point for interesting conversations and imaginative play
Story time and singing throughout the day promotes the learning of new words, the interest of books and songs and the learning of rhythm and pronunciation
Books are available in all areas as reading can take place anywhere and not just in a specific area
Staff are aware of the responsibility of role modelling language to all children

What’s next?

Our settings will have designated Language Leads who can support the setting in developing speech and language and who can access training and support from Speech and Language Therapists
We are promoting Lancashire’s Walk and Talk Campaign to encourage parents to talk more to their children.

The following link is to Lancashires Walk and Talk campaign for more information –Lancashire Walk and Talk Campaign

The NHS have some tips for helping Babies learn to talk – NHS Baby learning to talk

Some examples of curious resources and story boxes in our settings: