Lets Celebrate!

As Christmas is fast approaching its important to note that it is not the one and only celebration we take part in at Little Achievers Nurseries.

We celebrate a wide range of cultural celebrations and events throughout the year – but some people may wonder why?

In all our nurseries we have children from a variety of cultures where English may not be their first language and so we not only celebrate events, but also provide an environment for children to learn day to day life of their friends and peers. It is through these activities that children begin to embrace and value each others differences.

Ways we promote diversity and inclusion:-
-Setting up a role play area to include children’s photos and their families, dressing up resources to include a variety of fabrics and fancy dress.
-Food tasting a variety of different foods
-Inviting families in for stay and play sessions.
-Taking part in celebrations from a wide range of cultures and religions
-Learning words from different languages to help support children with English as an additional language.

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Learning through play!

Learning through play is one of the main ways children learn and develop.
Other ways that young children learn include being with other people, being active, exploring and new experiences, talking to themselves, communication with others, meeting physical and mental challenges, being shown how to do new things, practicing and repeating skills. A huge part of this learning process is that the children are having fun!
Little Achievers Nurseries provide an ideal environment for children to experience all these methods of learning and most importantly in a safe, secure and fun environment.
Play should be spontaneous and self chosen by the child. It is through this that they can become fully engaged in an activity of their interest and that they enjoy!
Play is natural to children!
Environments within our Nurseries are purposely set up appropriately to the child’s age and development level within that room.
Every child is unique!
We understand this at Little Achievers and all children develop at their own pace! Knowing each individual child allows us to plan, and develop their learning, through play, to their own level.

“Play is the highest form of research” Albert Einstein