Little Achievers Post Pandemic

As we look to send our children back to nurseries this week there are a lot of questions, worries and thoughts about their welfare and their safety.
What will it be like when children return?
What about their development?
What will they be thinking?
How will they adapt?

After a long time away from the setting, its understandable to be nervous about sending children back in. All the hard work that was built before, relationships made, settling in, learning and development. What happens with that?
Do your children remember?
Are you as parents anxious?

Its important to understand what is going to happen and how these will be recovered over time, and that is definitely what it will take……..time.

No one could of planned for Covid 19 to affect us all the way it has, never would we have had a plan in place for it, so as we begin to plan to return to a normal state, how long will that be and what will normal be from now on.

Nurseries are aimed to be ‘an extension of the home’. A place children can feel safe and secure, with an environment they can learn and play in with their friends.
As human beings we are naturally social creatures, its how our brain develops through the interactions we have.

Photos going round social media of pictures of children in circles and not able to interact, is that what we want? Young children cannot naturally distance themselves. Part of their development is learning to interact with theirs friends, carers and family. This is such an important step in development, learning appropriate social skills, but without this for weeks, how will this have affected them?

So what are we going to do at Little Achievers

Where possible keep things as normal as we can for our children and families.
If you are anxious or worried, your not alone. Your child may feel the same.
Bonds will have to be built all over again but that’s what our practitioner’s are there for. We are here to provide a nurturing environment for your children. We will adapt as will children to new routines, incorporating more hand washing and cleaning.

Remember – Children are surprisingly adaptable at this young age.

Our practitioners will do what they do best to observe your children, and plan accordingly to develop in line with their needs and their level of development.

Naturally, young children will not stay away from each other, but having outdoor environments with amazing opportunities for learning will help to keep them safe whilst learning through play with their peers.

Personal, Social and Emotional development will be key. As a prime area its an important area to develop and one which may have been neglected over the lockdown. Sharing and talking about how we feel, how your child feels, fears or worries are key discussion points. Helping children to understand its ok to be frightened and confused, because maybe as parents you have been as well. But how do we deal with this? How do we understand this feeling. Focusing on children self regulating their emotions and understanding them will be a focus over the next half term, and longer.
Mental health in children will be a priority. Our amazing staff know your children, they know their likes, dislikes and routines. They are there for support

What might I need to be ready to return to nursery?
Talk to me about my favourite things at nursery
Praise me when I try to do things independently
Talk to me about staying at nursery on my own
Tell my key person how to recognise if I’m feeling anxious or worried
Read my favourite stories and then I can share them in nursery
Talk to my nursery about what they expect
Talk to me about my friends at nursery
Play games with me that I played in nursery

What can my parents/carers do to help me get ready?
Re-establish routines if needed
Share ideas that will help me to feel happy and confident
Make a book to help me share what I did during lockdown
Maintain good eating and drinking patterns
Make hand washing fun with songs
Talk about my behaviour and the emotions behind them with my key person

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