National Story Telling Week at Little Achievers Nurseries

This week all our nurseries are celebrating National Story Telling Week.
Each nursery have their own activities taking place to support this.

In every nursery we are surrounded by books in all areas, and also provide cosy, quiet spaces and time to read to our children. In the home, bed time stories are just as important, as well as general reading at a quiet time of the day.
But storytelling is not just getting a book and reading the words! It involves adapting to the characters and making the story ‘come to life’, or making up a story using props for prompts.

We are always told to read to children, but why?
Teaching children to have a genuine love for stories and books will help their development in the future. If the value of books is taught to children when they are young, they will continue to have respect and interest in them as they develop. This in turn helps their communication and language skills throughout school.
Books are full of knowledge and by wanting to read, children can develop their knowledge through their whole life.
Books promote the imagination, make children think, question and develop their feelings and attitudes.

So what do we do at Little Achievers Nurseries?
We realise the importance of stories, through both books and imagination.
We provide quiet areas and times of the day to encourage reading.
We make stories come to life for children.
We provide a library at each of our settings for parents and families to take books home to read with their children.
We provide story boxes in our library with props for children to create their own stories.
We create book boxes linked to a story with activities and props.
We spend time in small groups creating stories with our children, these are documented in our scrap books so children can re read them.
Books are placed in all areas of the nursery.
We emphasise the importance of books, and how to look after them and use them.

Story Tin for parents to borrow

Story Tin for parents to borrow

Gruffalo invitation to play following children’s interests

Fairies invitation to play

Penguins and ice invitation to play

Christmas themed story box

Book storage

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