Outdoor Play at Little Achiever’s Nurseries

The Early Years Foundation Stage states that:
‘Providers must provide access to an outdoor play area or, if that is not possible, ensure that outdoor activities are planned and taken on a daily basis (unless circumstances make this inappropriate, for example unsafe weather conditions).’

At all our Little Achievers Nurseries we ensure that children have continuous provision both indoors and outdoors – this means that they have access to both environments and are able to choose where they play. It is important to remember not all children learn in the same way and in the same environment.

There are huge benefits to the outdoors and that’s why a bit of rain doesn’t stop us from letting children access it. Possibilities are endless with no restraints on the space children can be creative and the noise they make. It enables them to be ‘free’. Physical development is enhanced along with sensory experiences. Children can create, problem solve, communicate and imagine.

Benefits to outdoor play:
Being active – children who learn outdoors are more likely to enjoy outdoor physical activities such as walking or cycling when they are older. This leads to an active and healthy lifestyle.
Nature and Environment – experiencing nature, the elements and animals helps children understand the world. This in turn develops a respectful and caring nature towards the environment we live in.
Social development – the lack of free space indoors, paired with numbers of children may feel intimidating to some children and so communication skills would not develop. With more free space outdoors, children feel more confident to talk, discuss and develop their social skills through interactions.
Independence – extra space outdoors makes children feel ‘free’. Free to explore building their confidence. They feel less like they are being ‘watched’ by practitioners and so are more likely to create, explore, play and experience.
Risk – completing activities on a larger scale has an element of risk attached and children are more likely to experience this. Risk taking is an important skill to learn for children to help them make safe decisions in the future.

Two of our nurseries are Forest Schools and so ALL children attending Little Achiever’s Nurseries access Forest School sessions by our trained Forest School Leaders.

Forest school:
Enables children to learn in the richest classroom – the outdoors.
Is a long term approach to education.
Put the child at the heart of their own learning.
Helps to build confidence, resilience, sensitivity and curiosity.

Take a look at our Forest School settings:

Little Achievers Forest School Nursery
Little Achievers Urban Forest School Nursery

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