Back to Nursery

Welcome to September and to a new term at Little Achievers Nurseries!

We have welcomed back all our term time children this week at all our settings as well as welcomed some brand new children so to all of you……..Hello!

A lot of children will be coming back in to new rooms, with new friends and new practitioners working with them. One of our main focuses at this current time is settling in all our children to ensure they feel comfortable and safe within the environment.

Routine plays an important part of helping settle in.
Routines help children to feel stable and secure.
They are a huge part of nursery life allowing children to understand what is happening now and next in order to understand and anticipate changes that are going to happen.
It gives out expectations on how to behave depending on what is happening in the day.

As well as in nursery, routines can be a big help at home.
They benefit by helping parents feel more organised, less stressed and therefore able to enjoy the time they spend doing fun activities or tasks.

Top tips for establishing routines:
Plan – plan the times of the day and stick to it. A routine is defined as ‘a sequence of actions regularly followed’
Meal times and Sleep – don’t forget to add these in with plenty of time to complete
Flexible – yes the routine has to be stuck to but there can be flexibility, not everything goes to plan and that’s ok.
Fun – make it fun and exciting
Work together – work together with your child’s general routine and the nursery routine

Here is an article on top tips for establishing routine Establishing a Daily Routine

Transitions @ Little Achievers

As we come to the end of the academic year it means we prepare to say a huge farewell to some of our children starting school. As children complete their transitions from Nursery to School we tend to forget just how big a step in a child’s life it is.
Children are such natural adapters to situations, but we forget how much we actually do to help them to prepare for these milestones in life.
How we prepare a child to transition can impact their ideas of learning throughout their life.
If they do not adapt well, learning can be impacted in a negative way, if the transition is a positive one then children will have a positive attitude to learning.

It is our job as Early Years Practitioners to help support the child and the family through a positive transition.

Transitions to School

So What do we do at Little Achievers to support transitions?
– Strong links with local Primary schools enable us to build a relationship with the school and teachers
– Introduce school uniforms from local schools into the nursery environment so children will know what to expect
– Introduce photos of the schools for the children to explore
– ‘Ready for School’ books read to children so they know what to expect from a school day
– Walks in the local community to see the schools and what they look like
– Allowing teachers in for visits to meet the children they will be taking in to their class in September
– Completed transition documents to give teachers an understanding of where the child is at with their learning and development
– Letting children develop their independence by giving them more responsibility

What can parents do to support transitions?
– Talk to your child about what is going to happen and what to expect
– Allow your child to express their feelings as they may be worried or anxious
– Be available to be involved in the transition

Other Transitions

The transition to school is an important one, but remember, children transition all the time in life. The transition to starting nursery, moving age rooms, moving house etc.

Its important we support all of these and communicate effectively with children, keeping them informed, and being there for them emotionally.

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